Southern Robin Update

Submitted by Christi

As you may recall, last Wednesday, I posted pics of our little robin in her nest. At that time she had two eggs. Since then, she has laid two more eggs for a total of four! She is a very good mother. She runs off Blue Jays that get too near and is always on the watch for danger. She doesn’t seem to mind us. She is not real happy when we take pictures of her little eggs when she is out of the nest, but she poses very prettily for us when she is in the nest.

Here are the four beautiful eggs.

Here are the four beautiful eggs.

Here she is on her nest.

Here she is on her nest.

Keeping watch.

Keeping watch.

No bluejays allowed at this feeder!

No bluejays allowed at this feeder!

Won’t be long until we have little baby robins!

Enjoy the other outdoor pics with A Southern Daydreamer’s Outdoor Wednesday.


Today’s Lagniappe: Fried Olives
I love olives and this is a great little bite!

I’ve seen recipes with the olives stuffed with blue cheese, ham, garlic, cream cheese mixtures and more. They can be filled with a pastry bag fitted with a small tip. Just fill them however you like, bread them and then fry them.

1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1/2 cup finely ground breadcrumbs or panko
olive oil (for frying)

Heat about half an inch of olive oil in a large, heavy skillet over medium heat.

Roll the olives in the flour, then, in the egg, then, in the bread crumbs. Fry the olives in batches until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.


33 Responses to “Southern Robin Update”

  1. Susan Says:

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday Christi!Thanks fcor keeping us posted! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  2. Terrie Says:

    I loved this post. last year we had a next right outside our bedroom window. It was so low to the ground that it scared me. But, everything turned out just fine. This year a robin built a nest in our lilac tree. I thought it would be fine. But, a cat climbed the tree. It is very sad!

  3. Cindy Says:

    Very pretty robin eggs! How fun is this ! Cindy

  4. Lisa Shatzer Says:

    The color of those robins eggs is incredible! You have to show us pictures of the babies when the eggs hatch!

  5. Maryrose Says:

    What beautiful little eggs. I can’t wait to see those little babies. Will she lay anymore?
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  6. Christi at A Southern Life Says:

    Maryrose, She will not lay anymore in this nest. Robins lay around 4 times a season but each time they build a new nest. This is it for us in this nest.

  7. Jadehollow Says:

    Awwww Christi.. I can’t wait to see her lil babes. I just love seeing God’s glory of new life. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Fifi Flowers Says:

    I am still amazed at the colour of those eggs… GORGEOUS!

  9. Kathy Says:

    Hello Christi, what an incredible post, we have both a pair of robins and blue jays in our garden, the blue jays win the arguements around here lol, but I have never seen a nest, the colour of those eggs are stunning. how exciting. happy OW, Kathy

  10. Linderhof Says:

    Love robins, they are a much welcome visitor to the gardens at Linderhof.

  11. Yira Says:

    I love the color in the little eggs. How sweet.

  12. Becky K. Says:

    We are always so excited to see the first robins appear here in PA…then we know Spring is nearly here.

    Love that robins egg blue.

  13. Jennifer @ Blogging God And Me Says:

    What beautiful pictures. I love the robin’s eggs. I love a backyard full of birds. My kids love to watch them.

    Have a great day,


  14. angela Says:

    what great pictures you got some really great upclose ones

  15. Mama Bear Says:

    Thanks for the update. I just love watching the birds.

  16. butteryum Says:

    Fantastic. I’ve been watching a robin go in and out under my deck for a week now. I’m sure there’s a nest under there. I should take a peek… might find a treasure like this!

  17. Barb Says:

    Hi Christi, this little bird is so cute. Your post is charming!!!!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  18. candy Says:

    WOW! Is that color gorgeous or what?
    Looking forward to seeing little beaks screaming for food.


  19. KayC. Says:

    Thanks for the update! I can’t wait to see the babies…nothing is more exciting than babies of any knid! (well, I don’t include things like snakes, bugs, ect. in that group!

  20. Rechelle Says:

    How very sweet. I love to watch momma birds tend to their nests and their young. We just recently had a nest of house finches and it’s always a treat to watch them thrive, and then fly :0).
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  21. sue Says:

    Hi Christi,
    I am so enjoying you sharing the progress of the mother robin, I find birds so fascinating and enjoy watching them. Please continue to keep us posted, I am looking forward to seeing the new babies!!

  22. Mary Says:

    I really do love to see our babies in the making. That shade of blue is breathtaking.

  23. Lorna Says:

    Hi Christi,
    I love the pictures of the eggs! How precious to be able to capture these. I have a nest on my front porch, but couldn’t get close enough to take a picture of the eggs. But the little birdies have hatched and I got a picture of those. Maybe I’ll post it on the next Outdoor Wed. Have a great day!

  24. Jenn Says:

    I love the robins eggs… beautiful

  25. karen Says:

    Robins are my favorite bird. Your photographs are stunning. Especially that robin’s nest.
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday,

  26. flmom Says:

    Those eggs are so beautiful – it makes me wish so badly they weren’t just seasonal visitors here. You have captured some really great photos!

  27. Kathy b Says:

    Oh what fun. Four eggs now. I think the eggs incubate for almost 2 weeks so I know you will have photos soon of these baby birds.

  28. Charlotte Says:

    Awe, this is so sweet. Reminds me of the little quail family that was living in our yard for awhile.

  29. Jane Says:


    This is so precious! Mrs. Robin looks fierce. Good thing, I heard Blue Jays like to prey on the eggs and young of other birds!!

    Great post and by the way, I am going to try the olives~they sound heavenly!! 😉


  30. Karen Says:

    Your pictures are so bright and beautiful!!!

  31. Jeanne Says:

    Hi Christi, I am so happy you posted the robin and her beautiful eggs again. How pretty they are. I am glad she is a good mama bird.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my flowers.


  32. Kristine Says:

    How wonderful to get to see all of that! I love the color of those beautiful eggs…and I am sure that Momma loves those eggs too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Sally Says:

    Precious. Thanks for sharing!

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