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My neighbor across the street recently made a discovery. She was watering a little garden area in her front yard and these little baby bunnies hopped out. They weren’t too happy about getting wet!

Aren't they adorable?
Aren't they adorable?
My husband put his hand in the pic so you can tell how small they are!
My husband put his hand in the pic so you can tell how small they are!
This one got a little wet.
This one got a little wet.
They weren't real happy about being disturbed.
They weren't real happy about being disturbed.
This one is ready to get back to the nest.
This one is ready to get back to the nest.

So, we shooed them back under the tree. We didn’t want any neighborhood cats to find them! What a fun treat to get to see these little ones!

Today’s Lagniappe: Summer Tomato Sandwich
With fresh tomatoes available, you gotta find ways to use their yummy goodness!

  • 1 (1 pound) loaf ciabatta bread
  • 3/4 cup pesto
  • 8 ounces fontina cheese, sliced
  • 2 ripe tomatoes, sliced
  • 4 leaves butter lettuce
  1. Preheat broiler.
  2. Slice ciabatta bread in half lengthwise. Spread pesto on the cut side of each half. Top bottom half with slices of fontina cheese, and then place slices of tomato on top of cheese. Broil until cheese melts, and remove from broiler.
  3. Place lettuce over tomatoes, and then position top half of bread on top of everything. Slice into 8 or 10 small sandwiches, and serve.





25 responses to “Southern Bunnies”

  1. sunnymama Avatar

    Oh they are really cute! So tiny 🙂

  2. angie Avatar

    we spent time together the other day me and hubby just taking fun pictures of a rabbit love your pictures as well

  3. Joyce Avatar

    Awwww….those bunnies are sooooooo little. How cute is that?
    Joyce M

  4. Kim Avatar

    The bunnies are just too cute!!! But you may end up having a ton of them shortly.

  5. RobinfromCA Avatar

    They’re so tiny! I was surprised when I saw your husband’s hand there and saw their size. Absolutely adorable.
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  6. CurtissAnn Avatar

    Baby bunnies! Great photos. We have rabbits around, too, but now DH has brought the cats from OK, so I imagine I will not be seeing the bunnies as I have been. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Simply Susan Avatar

    I just love the baby bunnies! They are so tiny!

  8. Tammy Avatar

    I remember finding a little baby bunny in a space between the garage door and wall. I made my husband carry it back to the opening of a bunny hole in our yard. I know that the little baby has grown up and made lots of other little baby bunnies because I see them ‘playing’ in our yard.

  9. Mama Bear Avatar

    Oh, how sweet. I love seeing bunnies in the yard. Such a blessing.

  10. Mary Williams Avatar

    How cute is that!!!
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!

  11. Carol Avatar

    The bunnies are so cute! I made the Oatmeal Carmelitas and they were a B I G Hit !!! made them Saturday night and gone by Sunday evening! May try a variation half milk chocolate chips / half butterscotch chips. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jennifer @ Blogging God And ME Avatar

    Oh my goodness!! Such sweet little bunnies. How much fun to find them. I have a slight bunny fettish. Love me some bunnies.


  13. Mary Avatar

    Those are amazing photographs! I really loved them as well as the extra you’ve tucked into the picnic hamper. Thank you for sharing everything. Have a wonderful day.

  14. MyThoughtsMyVoice Avatar

    CCCCCCCCCCcuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! They’re so small! Aaaawwwwwww I guess they were scared a little. I hope they stay on their nest. Wouldn’t want the cats to catch them. Scary!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  15. Robyn Avatar

    Oh, they’re cute now….but wait until they are older – your garden will be doomed! ~ LOL ~ Robyn

  16. Anita Avatar

    They are so cute. We have bunnies running all over the hillside in the evening.

  17. Joan@anythinggoeshere Avatar

    They really are very little and very cute. We had bunnies in our garden last year. When they were all in the nest together it was so crowded I thought they would smother each other, but they knew what they were doing and all survived…Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  18. stefanie Avatar

    so sweet, i love bunnies, thanks for sharing.

  19. Lori E Avatar

    You better get your butter lettuce out of the garden before these little critters get to it.
    How cute are they.

  20. Debbie Avatar

    So precious! I love watching the bunnies in our yard. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Susan Avatar

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday Christi! Oh the bunnies are sooooo cute! I wish I had some bunnies in my yard! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  22. Jadehollow Avatar

    oh my goodness how precious! I’ve been feeding a couple of grown ones out back.. I’d be so happy if they had babies and they came for a visit.

  23. ButterYum Avatar

    Aw…. soooooooo cute!!! I didn’t really realize how tiny they were until I saw the photo with hubby’s hand. Too, too cute!!!

    Your sandwich sounds wonderful as well… I can taste it now.

  24. ellen b Avatar

    So little and sweet! I’m so glad your husband put his hand down so we could get the perspective!

  25. Brenda Kula Avatar

    Oh so precious! I love those little babies. We have a rabbit that hops into our front yard sometimes at night. I’m terrified my cat Clyde will find it!

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