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Sunday Favorites is hosted by Chari at Happy to Design. Click on the Sunday Favorite log to see other favorite posts.
Sunday Favorites is hosted by Chari at Happy to Design. Click on the Sunday Favorite log to see other favorite posts.

This post was published last December. It tells about a trip I had to Columbus, Mississippi back when I was doing training around the country for a software company. Traveling is a pleasure when you meet such great people in beautiful places.

The South is famous for its hospitality. I think in all my travels, my experience in Columbus, Mississippi was a great example. I arrived in Columbus in the evening before I was to begin working with a local client the next morning.

I was in my hotel room when my phone rang. It was the front desk telling me that I had visitors and asking if she could send them to my room. She assured me that she believed it would be safe for me to accept these visitors. Safety, of course, was a consideration for a woman traveling alone. I agreed to see them out of curiosity, if nothing else. When they knocked, I opened my door and was greeted by two clowns. Yes, clowns! They came in my room and did a little skit welcoming me to Columbus and then left. I stood there thinking, “What was that?”

The next morning, I arrived to work with the client (a local Baptist church) and discovered that one of the ladies that I was to train that week was a clown in her free time and it was her and her friend who had visited me the night before. They laughed and laughed the night before wondering what I thought of their performance. What a welcome!

One of the other ladies at the church offered to take me to see the Waverly Plantation and then have dinner with her. The plantation was incredible. We were given a tour by the lady of the house. She was fixing supper when we got there. She put it on the back of the stove and proceeded to give us a great tour. The dear lady who took me to the plantation asked the hostess about the ghost in the plantation. She had grown up in the area and knew about how the plantation had stood vacant for 50 years before it was restored. She said when she was a teenager that the teens would go to the plantation but they never did any damage because they were scared off by the ghost. Our hostess said that, in fact, there was a ghost of a little girl and that she was a friendly ghost but that she was protective of the home. What a fascinating place.

What a wonderful group of people the people of Columbus are. If you get a chance, definitely visit Columbus, you’ll be glad you did.





6 responses to “Southern Sunday Favorite”

  1. Chari Avatar

    Hi Christi…

    I’m so happy that you joined in with Sunday Favorites this week…what a great post, my friend! You can’t beat “Southern hospitality”!!! That’s so funny about the clowns paying you a visit…I’m sure that clowns were the last kind of visitors that you would have expected to have! Hehe! That’s so cute!!! Your dinner invitation to the plantation sounds like so much fun…and a ghost? Eeeekks…Hehe!!!

    Have a great week, my friend!

  2. Lori E Avatar

    Not fond of clowns myself. Nice to be greeted though.

  3. Dixie Avatar

    being originally from Mississippi… i’m not at all surprized by you welcome… so glad you chose to share it again today, with us.

  4. Chandy Avatar

    Now that’s the kind of welcome I can get used to! You can’t beat warm and hospitable people, it just makes such a difference. Great repost and the pictures you took were amazing!

  5. Cass @ That Old House Avatar

    What a novel way to welcome you! Good thing you don’t have a pathological fear of clowns!

    The plantation sounds wonderful, including the ghost story! I love old houses and their checkered pasts.


  6. kathy's red door welcome Avatar

    What a charming story. What a clever way to welcome you to their city. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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