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It's a Sunday Favorite with Chari at Happy to Design. Click on the pic to see more
It's a Sunday Favorite with Chari at Happy to Design. Click on the pic to see more

Here is a post from last January. This was in the BL (before lagniappe) days.

I recently read an article stating that 2008 saw an increased amount of rudeness.  I’m sure you could find rude Southerners around, bless their hearts, but, hopefully, they are not the rule. Maybe in 2009, we should strive to promote Southern hospitality and good manners everywhere. Where ever you live you can be share some good old Southern Hospitality!  Here is how (adapted from the Facebook group “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Southern Hospitality”).

The Rules

  1. “Sir” and “Ma’am” are not just for occasional usage.
  2. Men hold doors for women/ seniors.
  3. If someone else needs a seat, you give them your seat, and you don’t complain.
  4. “Being a good Samaritan” is not just a saying, its an understood way of life.
  5. “Darling”, “Sweetheart”, “Honey”, and “Dear” are used, for the most part, as endearing expressions.
  6. You can dislike someone as much as you want, but when you see them you act cordially.
  7. When you bump into someone you say “pardon” or “excuse me.”
  8. Waving at people you don’t know or asking how they’re doing is not to be looked down upon.
  9. You can take time to slow down. Slower paced lives are happier lives.
  10. Say “God bless you” when someone sneezes.
  11. When in doubt, be as polite as possible. Only confront others when confronted.
  12. People hug one another, its OK.
  13. If you disagree with something, be polite. “Oh….I see,” or “Oh…thats nice, Darlin” will suffice.
  14. Saying grace at the table, even to yourself, should not be looked upon with disdain.
  15. The only place where cars still stop (even on the highway) for funerals.
  16. ALL people have the ability to behave like Southerners, though not necessarily recreate the accent.





6 responses to “Southern Sunday Favorite”

  1. Martha Avatar

    I born to a southern lady, we’ve alway lived in Northern Michigan but trained up southern. So to my utter delight this summer will be moving south, near my extended family. I just can’t wait to be there. This is where all my summer breaks, school breaks and holiday were spent, home. Going home is what we’ve always called it. If I didn’t behave with the pretty is as pretty does.

  2. KBeau Avatar

    Just finished helping move my son and his family from Annapolis, MD, to Savannah, GA. One of my daughter-in-law’s first comments was that the difference in manners was extremely obvious. She grew up on the west coast, but loves the Southern ways.

  3. Kim Avatar

    I remember visiting Texas a few years back & thinking that everyone was so nice & friendly. Here in southern California it’s a hit & miss kind of thing. I grew up in San Diego & people are pretty friendly there. But I once went with a friend who lived in LA to Beverly Hills & I kept saying “Hi” to everyone we walked past. They would all look at me like I was some kind of alien. My friend then told me, people in LA don’t do that. I think it is only common courtesy. I think more people need to be like southerners. Thanks for sharing the rules.

  4. Missymomof3 Avatar

    Good manners will never go out of style

  5. Deanna Piercy Avatar

    I grew up in Southern California and moved here the summer before I started college. What a pleasure to discover how genuinely nice and polite people could be. After 29 years here in a little college town in Oklahoma, I’m still often struck by the little Southern courtesies that make life a bit sweeter. Almost as sweet as the tea we like to drink. 😉

  6. Mrs. Petrie Avatar

    I grew up in TX and was raised with many of these rules. But, it did use to embarrass me when my mom would wave at strangers! 🙂

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