Southern Fireworks

It is that time of year. Hear all of the snap, crackle and pops? We just had our fabulous Red, White and Blue Festival here. Here are some pics from the event (thank you to Christy Keirn for some of the great pics – we forgot to put a card in our camera. Video of fireworks were taken from our phone!).

Monkeys on doggies!

Are they adorable or what?
Cuteness with a sunset!
A young Southern Belle on a pony.
My friend Kim's little ones – Jack and Trevie looking adorable!

And then . . . there were the fireworks!

Some fun for Outdoor Wednesday!

Outdoor Wednesday with A Southern Daydreamer

Today’s Lagniappe: Cucumber Tip
Thanks to Wehoney on the Southern Living board for this great tip!

Cut a small piece off the end of the cucumber, and then rub it on the cut end, cut sides together, until a foam appears…rinse it off, with the cut end facing downward, repeat on the other end…this is suppose to take the gas out of the cucumbers.

Is that a great tip or what???





4 responses to “Southern Fireworks”

  1. Linda Avatar

    You just can’t go wrong with monkies on doggies!

  2. Ro Avatar

    Looks like great summer fun! The monkeys are too cute!

  3. The Thrifty Designer Avatar

    Isn’t summer in the South just the best!

  4. Elizabeth Avatar

    Wonderful fireworks! I love them. How cute are the monkeys!!

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