Southern Skies

Submitted by Christi

Well, we have been looking for some rain around here. The clouds come along, but they haven’t gotten together to give us any rain lately to break this heat!

I go outside and here is what I see:

Blue Sky

No clouds


blue sky

None here either


blue sky

Sun shining through the trees


blue sky

Hot, hot, hot!


blue sky

in the Summertime . . .

I know it will cool down eventually! In the meantime, I enjoy the pretty blue skies.

Outdoor Wedenesday

Outdoor Wednesday with A Southern Daydreamer

4 Responses to “Southern Skies”

  1. luna miranda Says:

    i love your blue skies…it’s been cloudy and we had a downpour this evening. love the sun shining through the trees.

  2. Jane Anne Says:

    I like the picture where the sun is peaking through the trees. Enjoy the blue skies and the shade!

  3. Linda Says:

    We just have blue skies with a few occasional clouds too…summer hasn’t been too hot, but dry as always! Loved all your photos!

  4. nannykim Says:

    Thankfully we have gotten some rain here finally!

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