Southern Ramblings

Submitted by Christi

You know the old saying . . .

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight

Red sky

We have had plenty of red evening skies around here. I love the warm fall days with the bright blue skies and sunshine. However, we really could use some rain.

Maybe a nice rain where we could bring out some snazzy pink rain boots!

pink rain bootsActually, what would be perfect is for the rain to start after it gets dark and then have a good steady rain all night long and then all of the clouds clear out in the morning. Hey, I may as well want it all, huh?

Happy Pink Saturday!

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

6 Responses to “Southern Ramblings”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I love that old saying about the sky. When I see the sky like that I can never remember the words correctly! Fun! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Tami Kenner Says:

    Hi Sherry…perfect PINK rainboots!
    Happy Pink Saturday! xo Tami

  3. Tami Kenner Says:

    opps…Christi…I didn’t mean to call you Sherry!!
    Happy Pink Saturday one more time!!
    xo Tami

  4. Jacalyn @ RME Boutique Says:

    That’s my favorite… when it rains all night so the plants and such don’t need to be watered and the sun shines all day. perfect!

    Happy PS,

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Love the fun pink rain boots!

  6. Donnie Says:

    It looks like another week of being late visiting for Pink Saturday. I loved the boots and glad I was able to get by even for just a short stop. have a great week.

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