How A Southern Garden Grows

Submitted by Christi

No matter how many times I put in a garden I will never cease to be amazed at the way they grow and what they give back. You may remember, a few weeks back when I posted about putting in my garden. This is how it looked in May:

Southern Garden

In just a few short weeks, it has grown and grown and I just harvested my first squash and my first 2 okra pods. Here is how it looks now:

june garden

I have so many things that are close to harvest. I remember when I was putting this garden in how I thought (as usual) that I must be crazy for going to all this trouble. Now is the fun time. I still need to water and fertilize and pull weeds and keep an eye on everything. Of course, I also have to harvest. It looks like it has kind of gotten out of hand! All of the plants have done so well and I am so pleased. When I am putting in a garden, I always tell my husband, that even though it is a lot of work and still costs a little bit, it will always be cheaper than a psychologist and will give us food to boot. Gardening is such a wonderful therapy. Thank you God for a garden!

Today’s Lagniappe:  Parmesan and Rosemary Shortbread

I saw this recipe on the Food Network and since I have Parmesan and grow my own rosemary think this is one I will have to try!

Click HERE for recipe.

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