Big Move! – Also Known As A Leap Of Faith

Submitted by Christi

Believe it or not, I am now in New Orleans. I loved the beautiful Twin Lakes area of Arkansas and will be back often to visit with friends and clients, but for now, I’m coastal!

Things I am loving so far in New Orleans include:

Trees that bloom in January

Trees that bloom in January

Fresh Gulf seafood

Getting dressed up for a Mardi Gras Ball

Huge, old oak trees

Huge, old oak trees

One of my favorite experiences when we first got here was learning about Mr. Okra. I was unpacking boxes and started hearing a voice over a loud speaker. I wasn’t sure what he was saying at first so I went out on the front porch to investigate. Here he came in his produce truck.

Mr. Okra

I love the sign on the truck that says, “Be nice or leave!” I’ll get video of him to post for you when I get a chance.

So much to share – I’ll just have to absolutely make the time!