Meanwhile . . . Back at the Ranch

Both my husband’s parents came from ranching families, and I realized early on that cattle were in his genes.  They have passed on, but Ed inherited the ranch that has been in his father’s family since 1877.  That’s how a city girl from New Orleans happens to be running cattle long distance in Atascosa County, Texas.  We raise Herefords, the brown ones with the white faces.

We made a trip over Thanksgiving to check on things.  Thankfully we have had enough rain this year to go into winter with lots of grass and water in the tanks (ranch speak for ponds).  It was a relaxing week, watching the cattle graze, enjoying the late fall sunsets, and unplugging from the electronic world.

I wasn’t always so fond of the ranch.  For someone used to lights and action, rural Texas seemed so ….. boring.  But Ed is a pretty shrewd guy, and a while back he got me my own horse, figuring I would want to go over often to visit.  It worked!  Ringo is the big boy on the left, with his BFF Sandy.  They just finished rolling in the dirt after a long ride.

Sit back and enjoy some scenes from the ranch.  It just might grow on you too!

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3 responses to “Meanwhile . . . Back at the Ranch”

  1. Cindy Avatar

    Cattle are pretty self-sufficient, but they need some oversight. We have someone who lives on the ranch to keep an eye on things, and feed all the hungry mouths. He raises beagles and blueticks – the beagle pups will be ready for a good home by Christmas!

  2. Joani Avatar

    Great photography. Love the herfords, especially the babies when they arrive. I’m amazed that these cattle pretty much take care of themselves for you….it’s been my experience that things have to be checked on quite often but that is a little bit further west than you are. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. artmusedog and Carol Avatar

    Wow! Fantastic photography and love all the animals ~ special life you live ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka ‘artmusedog’ ^_^

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