A Time of Rest

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Whew, we made it through Christmas, Carnival, Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day. Now, I feel like “resting” my eyes (and body) for a few weeks before Easter and the festival season. The Carnival/Mardi Gras decorations are all down (although, I did find a bit of tinsel that I missed this morning).

You may remember how the mantel looked for Mardi Gras:

Mardi Gras mantel

All tinsel, glitter, lights and sparkle. I loved seeing this every day. However, now it is a bit more serene:

Spring mantle

Green plants, the doves that have appeared in so many places in my home (and on my table and porch . . .) and a couple of colored candles. I did opt to leave the “JOY” letters in place that were added at Christmas. I just really like them there.

I also changed the buffet. From this:

mardi gras buffet

To this:

spring buffet

Of course, when you live in New Orleans, there is never a lack of color. I had to snap a picture of this as we were driving down the street the other day:

New Orleans spring

Spring is definitely in full swing here. While the azalea is pretty spectacular, the house behind it is quite lovely as well. I never tire of seeing the sites in this beautiful city. This was taken as we were driving home yesterday evening:

oak canopy

Just another day in New Orleans!

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