More Carnival Ball!

Submitted by Christi

As promised, here are more pics from the Nyx Myx Masquerade Ball. First, let’s talk food.

Here is the menu from the dinner portion of the ball. – YUM!


The dessert was a work of art. See the little Nyx candy in the whipped cream in the middle. Beautiful and edible! Everything was deeee-licious.

Did you notice the hot pepper jelly vinaigrette mentioned for the salad. It was incredible, so I had to find a recipe for it. I found this recipe online and it was very good. I made it with Tabasco Hot Pepper Jelly and put it over butter lettuce with blue cheese and toasted pecans. Easy and yummy – I highly recommend this.

Okay, back to the ball. We were entertained by a mini parade by the John Mac High School marching band.  We were also wowed by the Siren’s of New Orleans who will also be joining us for the parade. I must say, it was really an amazing experience to be sitting in the ballroom when that incredible band marched in and then the Siren’s ran out to join them.

Here is the band and some Siren’s after they left the ballroom.


We also enjoyed the procession by our Krewe Captain, Julie Lea, Our “Goddess,” Lauren Thom and our board of directors and float captains.


It was just a wonderful evening and I am so glad to get to share it with you! Here are some other shots.

Click to enlarge and for captions

Okay, now I’m going back to decorating purses for the parade!

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3 Responses to “More Carnival Ball!”

  1. Anne Says:

    I really enjoyed this post! How fun and exciting! Love those masks and all the lovely dresses! HPS and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Carol Says:

    Visiting from Pink Saturday. It’s snowing in New York, and I don’t think there’s anything that could be cheerier than thoughts of New Orleans. Had a trip planned for November — but Hurricane Sandy got in the way. It would have been my fifth trip to New Orleans. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. bayoucreole Says:

    The ball was incredible! I blogged about it as well. It’s a night I’ll always remember. One tibit though, that’s not St. Aug. That’s John Mac High School Marching Band.

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