Spring on the Porch

Submitted by Christi

The weather in New Orleans tends to be mild, year-round. However, this past winter brought many cool/cold days (though no frost or freezing – it’s all relative). Now that Spring is officially here, it is wonderful to get outside and enjoy the front porch.

We spend so much time on the porch that I am constantly changing up the look for the newest season. You may remember how it looked during the Carnival season:

mardi gras porch
A purple cloth and Mardi Gras beads adorned the table and the columns were adorned with purple, green and gold bows and ribbons.

Here is the Spring look:

Gardenia on the porch

A new look on the swing and table:

southern porch swing

Some new plants added in with the old:

bird of paradise

And a new pot for others:

fern on the porch

And even an addition of a bunny with bubble blowing supplies. Got to have something to do while we are out there!

bunny bubbles

It’s such a beautiful day today, I hope I can find time to get out there for just a bit. There is nothing better than a porch on a beautiful day to help one relax, don’t you agree?

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