A Southern Garden – Inside

What is the solution to stale indoor air in the Winter? Occasionally it will get warm enough to open windows but, when you can’t, a great way to clean the air in your house is with . . . houseplants. NASA scientists have discovered that many houseplants and blooming potted plants fight indoor air pollution. They’re reportedly able to scrub significant amounts of harmful gases out of the air, through the everyday processes of photosynthesis. Some pollutants are also absorbed and rendered harmless in the soil.

In addition to their health benefits is the beauty that plants add to a home. Plants add a sense of coziness and put people at ease. I love houseplants and I also have plants that I bring indoors for the Winter that look great inside. Soon I will be begging friends and neighbors for forsythia branches to force into bloom inside. Forced blooms suffice while I am waiting for the real show outside in the spring.

Here are some pictures of some of my indoor plants and instructions on forcing forsythia:


How to Force Forsythia Indoors

On a day when the temperature is above freezing, cut a few branches from your forsythia (or other favorite spring blooming shrubs like Quince). Bring the branches inside and put them in water.

Remove a branch from the water and re-cut the end. Pound the end of the branch with a hammer so that it will be able to get enough water.  Place the branch in a vase with water. Repeat this for each branch.

Change the water every couple of days for lasting color. In about two weeks you will begin to see the buds about to burst on the branches. Before long the shrubs branches will be blooming and there will be beautiful spring color in your home. The forced branches should last several weeks inside for your enjoyment.




3 responses to “A Southern Garden – Inside”

  1. Becca Avatar

    I love houseplants, too. You’re right about them making the house cozy. What a great idea to force forsythia!!! There is nothing that signifies spring is coming than beautiful forsythia blooms. I’m going to try this once it warms up again! (it’s currently 15 degrees in Nashville where I am….brrr)

  2. Tammy Avatar

    I see you have links to Denver area landscapers and interior plant providers. You should link to RHA of Booulder. They are the best, most customer service conscience outfit in Coloroado! I know because I use them!

  3. Christi Avatar

    I know the pictures are kind of “squashy” – sorry. When they were wider they messed up the whole blog:(

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