A Southern Winter Garden

Submitted by Christi

I’m ready for Spring. At least in my mind. I used to really dislike Winter but I have learned to enjoy the shape of bare trees and the birds that visit my bird feeders. I also enjoy browsing through garden catalogs and planning what I would like to plant. I love to plant roses, perennials and herbs. I also love to plant a small vegetable garden. There is nothing like harvesting the first home grown tomato of the season. Just thinking about it warms me up.

Gardening has helped me enjoy all of the seasons. It has helped me accept the cycles of life. I know that even though it is cold today, that trees and plants and seeds are preparing for sprouting new leaves and blooms. Soon the daffodils and crocus will pop up and before we know it, everything will be green and lush. In the meantime, enjoy the shape of the branches in a beautiful tree. Feed the birds and enjoy their entertaining antics at your bird feeders. To everything there is a season . . .

Enjoy these pictures of birds in my yard.

bird at feederbird7bird3bird5bird21

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7 Responses to “A Southern Winter Garden”

  1. Alan Dawson Says:


    I love your blog.


  2. Christi Says:

    Thanks Alan – Christi

  3. Mrs. Ashton Says:

    Nice birdie photos. I too hate winter but have been enjoying watching two “couples” of cardinals in our back yard this winter season.

  4. Christi Says:

    We’ve got some cardinal couples but I haven’t been able to catch them when I’ve had the camera. I love the cardinals. They are so colorful. Even the females are pretty. We have a few “teenagers” too. I had young bluebirds once and I almost ran them off because I didn’t realize they were bluebirds that hadn’t gotten their color yet. I thought they were trying to steal the bluebird house from the the parents. I’ve learned to be a little more careful and not to try to interfere with nature too much :). – Christi

  5. Christi Says:

    The bird with the seed in it’s beak may be a young cardinal. Anybody know?

  6. Rhonda Says:

    Great photos. I especially love the one of the bird standing on the seeds.

    Maybe the bird with the seed in it’s beak is a finch?

  7. Mama Says:

    The bird picturers are great! I really like your bird feeder too.

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