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I visited Theresa over at Take A Sentimental Journey yesterday. She had the plot for her garden already plowed and was getting rid of the grass clumps. It was good to see that because that is what I have got to get done myself soon. My “seedlings” are now ready to plant outside whenever the weather is safe. It may already be safe but I’m always cautious. When Daddy had a grocery store they always had a greenhouse in the Spring. I remember them talking about how they always got to sell twice to people who planted too early. I’ve been know to wait until May to plant tomatoes even though I know the last frost date here has long since past by then.

It is funny how just one little memory from childhood controls my behavior still. However, I’ll have to say, I have never had plants that froze or were damaged from the cold!

It is a waxing moon again, so I’ll be starting some more seedlings this week. Already, I can almost taste those home-grown tomatoes and cantaloupes. Yum, nothing better!

Alright everyone – let’s make this a great week!

Today’s Lagniappe:  Sweet Pea Salad:
This recipe calls for frozen peas but, of course, if you have sweet peas growing in your garden you will want to use them – this salad is a good way to use them.

1 head lettuce
2 med. cucumbers
1 lg. red onion (sweet)
2 sm. boxes frozen sweet peas
1 c. Miracle Whip
1/2 c. sugar

Tear lettuce, put aside. Skin and slice cucumbers. Skin and slice onion (into rings). Drain sweet peas and rinse and drain again. Mix mayo and sugar together.

In large bowl layer, starting with lettuce, sweet peas, cucumbers, onion. Top with mayo, sugar mixture last. Cover. Let stand overnight in icebox. Serve with croutons , shredded cheese and crumbled bacon if desired. Serves 6 to 8.






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  1. Florida Sue Avatar

    One year in Canada I lost thirty tomato plants that I had started from seed. I was hardening them off outside, and we had a flash frost in early May. Of course I had forgotten to cover them that night. They were “Big Beef” my favorite beefsteak tomato and I grumbled about it all summer. I am sure going to try that delicious sounding salad.

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