Southern Breakfast on the Porch

Submitted by Christi

One of my favorite community cookbooks is Louisiana Entertains – A Complete Menu Cookbook from the Rapides Symphony Guild in Alexandria, Louisiana –  copyright 1978. The first 54 pages of this cookbook are devoted to breakfast and brunch. These menus offer a Southern breakfast at its best! I’ve set the table on the porch for the menu “Table for Two.”

Eggs Sardou or Eggs Stravinsky
French Bread
Dessert Pancake
French-dripped Coffee

The cookbook then gives the recipes for these delights. I’ll give you the recipe for the Eggs Sardou today.

We're all set.

We're all set.

Bailey is peeking at us over the table.

Bailey is peeking at us over the table.

Have a seat.

Have a seat.

I love the little fruit spoons (far right)

I love the little fruit spoons (far right)

I can see a pretty little flower while I sip my coffee.

I can see a pretty little flower while I sip my coffee.

Mimosas can be served from the pretty pitcher.

Mimosas can be served from the pretty pitcher.

We can keep an eye on the robin's nest.

We can keep an eye on the robin's nest.

Some good food . . .

We can enjoy some good food . . .

some good conversation . . .

some good conversation . . .

At our lovely Southern breakfast!

At our lovely Southern breakfast!

Thanks for joining me at my Southern Breakfast Tablescape. Check out the other lovely tablescapes at Between Naps on the Porch.


Today’s Lagniappe:  Eggs Sardou
Delicious – If you don’t want to make these yourself, just head on down to New Orleans and order it from one of their great restaurants! It was created at Antoine’s and named after French playwright Victorien Sardou

4 Poached Eggs (See below)
1 Recipe Creamed Spinach (see below)
1 Recipe Hollandaise Sauce (see below)
4 Artichoke bottoms
Paprika for sprinkling

Divide the creamed spinach in the center of two heated plates, nest two artichoke bottoms per plate on the spinach. Place a poached egg on each artichoke bottom then top with a generous portion of Hollandaise sauce. Sprinkle with Paprika. Serve.

Serves 2.

Poached Eggs Recipe

Fill a dutch oven with 1? of water, heat until just below a simmer. Add a few dashes of white vinegar. Crack the eggs and gently drop them into the water, keeping the shell as close to the water as possible when dropping them in. With a slotted spoon, gently move the ghost like strands of white back to the yolk. The eggs are done when the whites are no longer transparent, and the yolks are still runny. Remove with a slotted spoon and gently dry off with a towel.

Creamed Spinach Recipe

1 Cup Cooked and chopped Spinach, squeezed in a kitchen towel to remove excess water
1 Pint Heavy Cream, reduced by 3/4 of its volume
A pinch Freshly Grated Nutmeg
A pinch of Cayenne
1 tsp Crystal hot sauce
A few drops of Worcestershire sauce
Kosher salt to taste

Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

2 tsp Red Wine Vinegar
2 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice
3 Egg Yolks
1/2 Cup Clarified Butter, warm
Kosher Salt & Cayenne Pepper
1 Dash Crystal Hot Sauce
A few drops Worcestershire Sauce

Place the vinegar, lemon juice, and egg yolks in the top deck of a double boiler. The water in the lower deck should be hot but not boiling.
Whisk slowly until you see the yolks start to coagulate on the sides. If the pan gets too hot, remove it from the heat for a minute, whisking constantly.
Whisk while cooking, minding the bowl temperature, until the yolks are lighter in color and do not leave yellow streaks when the whisk goes through them. If you see any signs of scrambling, remove the bowl from the heat.
When the yolk/acid mixture is good and thick, remove from the heat and slowly drizzle in the clarified butter, whisking constantly, until incorporated.
Add the hot and Worcestershire sauces, and season to taste with the salt & cayenne.

If the sauce is a little too thick, you can thin it down with a few splashes of hot water.

Makes about 2/3 Cup.

P. S. – I’m still getting around to visit all of the outdoor Wednesday folks. Eye Doc dialated my pupils and it really put a kink in things!

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29 Responses to “Southern Breakfast on the Porch”

  1. susan Says:

    Great post! Have visited Antoines many times and never knew the eggs were names after a playwright. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Love the pink strip-y plates. Having a pretty table and a dog at your feet and a yummy breakfast – priceless! :)Nancy

  3. Becky Says:

    Beautiful…loved the plates..

  4. ellen b Says:

    Oh how fun. I love this tablescape on the porch. The striped border on the dinner plates are great!!

  5. Janie G Says:

    MMM! The recipe sound yummy. I love your pink dishes, so feminine and just what you need to help you start your day and feel special.

  6. KBeau Says:

    I am so glad you posted about those fruit spoons. I was going through some vintage silver that I got from a great aunt and uncle, and there were some spoons with a funny shaped bowl. I’ll be you anything that they are fruit spoons.

    Your table is beautiful. Glad to see you using the good silver.

  7. Kammy Says:

    Looks wonderful ! Love the dishes – so cute and
    great detail !
    thanks for sharing !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. mary Says:

    Oh such a pretty setting for a wonderful lunch! Love your vintage silver!

  9. Mid-Atlantic Martha Says:

    ohhhhhh, I also love those pink dishes! They would make everything delicious! But I can tell that your breakfast would be delicious all on it’s own!

  10. Alisa Says:

    Oh what a pretty breakfast table! I love your porch. I would eat out there every day! I love the dishes you’ve featured. The stripes and florals perfect! It’s nice to meet you. 🙂

  11. Shelia Says:

    Your table is so pretty and I love those girly sweet dishes!
    BE a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  12. Scribbler Says:

    Eggs Sardou — it’s been too long! I’ll be saving your recipe!



  13. Linderhof Says:

    What a great tablescape. Love eating al fresco and your table is great!

  14. Christine Says:

    Everything looks so good, lovely tablescape and so relaxing out there…Christine

  15. abeachcottage Says:

    ooh eggs sardou, I am trying that

    nice table

    happy tablescaping


  16. Susan Says:

    beautiful breakfast table! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

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  18. candy Says:

    Nothing better than a little morsel of refreshment on the porch. Like the dishes with every detail. Pour me a Mimosa, I’m heading your way right now.

    Happy MOM day to you,

  19. Marty Says:

    Such a gorgeous setting and a beautiful tablescape. I love the pretty dishes and the lantern is so lovely. The birds are the extra touch. Stunning. Hugs, Marty

  20. Rainey Says:

    Such a lovely tablescape… and yard… and menu! I love your little fruit spoons too, they would be perfect with my morning grapefruit!

    ~Really Rainey~

  21. Chari Says:

    Hello Christi…

    Ohh my…what a lovely table you have set and such a scrumptious brunch menu as well!!! Well I can’t think of a sweeter place for brunch then on that pretty porch of yours! My friend, I love your dishes…they’re beautiful!!! I love the soft pink and white stripes on the plate…and the pretty floral plates and cups…gorgeous!!! What a beautiful place setting!!! I also just adore that pretty garden terrarium that you’ve used for the centerpiece…hmmm, not sure what they call those…a terrarium??? Anyway, I love it! And of course, that pretty silver teapot just tops your pretty table off!!! Beautiful, my friend!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  22. Kim Says:

    Great tablescape for Mother’s Day!!!

  23. Zoey Says:

    I love your pink striped plates. I think stripes make the most interesting bottom layer in a place setting. Very pretty table.

  24. Pinky Says:

    Beautiful table, porch and view! I COVET having a porch…..maybe SOME day???? Love the stripe dishes and the floral ones! SOOOO pretty. Happy Mother’s Day! Pinky

  25. Susan Says:

    Hi Christi…this tablescape is sooo sweet…would love to sit and watch Mama Robin feed her babies! Love your striped and floral china! And I want to steal that centerpiece! 🙂 Thanks for a great TT! Hugs, Susan

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  27. Laura Says:

    So now I am on a quest for this cookbook.

    I am a fanatic about brunch recipes, since that is my favorite kind of party to have.

    Enjoyed visiting.


  28. Bella Says:

    LOVELY! I would love to sit there and soak it up for a long while.

  29. Carrie Says:

    Very pretty china and crystal. Your setting and breakfast menu makes for a wonderful occasion.

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