Southern Season

Okay, we have had unbelievable snow here. For those of you East of Arkansas, it is coming your way! Okay, so it is time to bring out the Spring inside. I tend to go for live houseplants but I love these pink silks:


The vase was a gift from wonderful friend in Dallas, Julie Jones.

Looking around the house today (kind of snowed in here) to find other signs of Spring that I can bring out.

Be watching this week to see all about DONNADOTS. They are fabulous and you will love them. Stay tuned Wednesday night for more on that.

Need some pink inspiration today? Check out Beverly at

Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

Today’s Lagniappe:  Snow Ice Cream
Because we have an abundance today, this is perfect.

Put a clean bowl outside to collect snow. When you have a large bowl of snow, bring it inside and add sugar, cream (or milk, or half and half) and vanilla to the snow to your desired taste and consistency. I’ve seen some great ideas to add – flavored kook-aid, chocolate syrup. Hmmmm, the possibilities are endless.






5 responses to “Southern Season”

  1. Jennifer Kirby Avatar

    What a nice gift from your friend! You gotta love good Pink Silk flowers! I kill real ones, so I love good silk flowers! Thank you for sharing your Pinks!

    Have A Great Day!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Livin’ With Hoosiers

  2. Nancy Avatar

    I remember snow ice cream! We could make that here for months and months in Vermont. Spring countdown on my blog…3 months plus! I need lots of flowers. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. char Avatar

    So sorry you are having all that snow, but once it melts, it’s glorious water!! There never seems to be enough of that anymore. Beautiful silks and they last forever, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  4. CC Avatar

    Wonderful pinks and yummmmmmm to snow icecream. Happy Pinks and have a great weekend.

  5. Mimi Avatar

    It’s always so much fun for me to travel from blog to blog on Pink Saturday. Each and every entry is different and each and every one makes me smile and feel all pink from the inside out?

    Today, ’tis cold up here, near zero, so I need all the little pink rays of sunshine I can gather ’round and your blog certainly has helped to warm my pinkie ?.

    Thanks so much for sharing this week. Your blog is wonderful and filled with so much to see and to read!

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