Southern PINK Lamp

Submitted by Christi

I have had this lamp forever.

Pink Lam

Pink Lamp

I love this lamp but I haven’t had it out in a while. I’m looking for a place to put it.


Doesn’t seem to go here. I really think I may need to find a place in my office for it. I really don’t like overhead lights in there. Just too harsh. Hmmmm, going to have to think about this.

Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

Today’s Lagniappe: Breakfast Casserole
Perfect for a weekend morning.

* 3 eggs
* 3 tablespoons milk
* 2 slices of bread, cut into 1-inch cubes
* 1 green onion, thinly sliced
* 1/3 cup cheese (your preference), shredded
* 1/3 cup chopped ham

1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Spray your baking dish with cooking spray
3. Combine all ingredients
4. Pour into baking dish
5. Bake 20 – 25 minutes or until egg mixture is set


5 Responses to “Southern PINK Lamp”

  1. Beth Says:

    What a sweet lamp!! I hope you find the perfect home for it! Your recipe sounds WONDERFUL too!
    Happy PINK Saturday!

  2. quiltworks Says:

    Lovely lamp! It rather petit! In the first photo I imagined it bigger 🙂

    …. Freesia

  3. Sherry Says:

    Girl, don’t you hide that lamp again, it’s too cute! Have a happy Pink Saturday!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  4. Terri Morse Says:

    Your lamp is such a terrific shade of pink. Have a wonderful week! Terri

  5. Mary Nida Smith Says:

    I love your blog! Enjoy the subshine of the day.

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