Supper in the Kitchen

I love my formal dining table and setting it for dinners is always fun, however, sometimes, when we are just entertaining another couple, that table is really just too big. I always think about the old movies where there was long, formal dining table and a couple was sitting at opposite sides, being waited on by formal servants who are summoned by a bell. Remember that? I hope so, otherwise, I’m just sounding crazy . . .

Anyway, in cases of a small group, I like to set a less formal table in the kitchen, like this:

Add some flowers . . .

Some food, wine and most importantly, people and . . .

let the fun begin! (Note: I have cropped the identity of my friends – I need to start letting people know that they could show up online when they dine here).

We had a lovely evening sitting around the table, eating, sipping wine and visiting.

Tablescape Thursday with Between Naps on the Porch
with Between Naps on the Porch







3 responses to “Supper in the Kitchen”

  1. Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co. Avatar

    So charming and lovely! The rose plates are great.

  2. Mama Avatar

    looks good, the kitchen is always a good place to visit,eat, etc

  3. Nancy @ The Headmistress Avatar

    Those steaks look delicious; how did you prepare them???

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