Let’s Go Fly A Kite

This beautiful spring day with its gorgeous blue sky and soft Southern breeze was screaming for us to get out and enjoy, so . . . we did. We grabbed our kite and string and headed out to the Mississippi river levee area in New Orleans called “The Fly” which is located at the river end of Audubon Park and enjoyed a lovely afternoon.

Getting the kite ready to fly.
Getting the kite ready to fly.

Up, up and away . . .

kite above the trees

High into the sky!

kite flying

Higher and higher . . .

kite flying

With my fist holding tight, to the string of my kite 🙂

kite flying

A day that just made me smile . . . so, I wanted to share it with you!

Outdoor Wedenesday
Outdoor Wednesday with A Southern Daydreamer



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  1. Mama Avatar

    love it! It’s good to become a kid again.

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