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This post is from June 9th. It is a favorite because it shows how my garden started outside. I actually started everything from seed. I am now reaping the harvest. Planting a garden is an act of faith. You plant a seed and the next thing you know you have a full grown plant that actually bears fruit and vegetables. When you plant a garden, you not only feed your tummy, you feed your soul as well! Enjoy!

Several years ago, I built this herb planter. It originally resided on a side porch. Now it is in my yard.


The thyme that is hanging over and the thyme in the left corner have been there for about five years. The rosemary really struggled this past winter with the ice storms. It has come back a little bit, but I boosted it with a new planting this year. I have nasturtiums, cat mint, chives, oregano, and basil. I’ve thrown a few seeds for dill and parsley around as well.


Of course, I have to have a sign telling me that these are herbs 🙂


This is a saying that I love so much, I put it on the front of the planter:

A kiss of the sun for pardon.
The song of the birds for mirth.
One is nearer God’s heart in the garden,
Than anywhere else on earth.

This little guy holding the wind chimes . . .


used to be a part of this rowdy little group, playing tug of war.


I also have some herbs planted among the other plants in the vegetable garden. This is the first year that I have planted my entire vegetable garden from seed. It has been a learning experience. I think, I should have started sooner. At this time of year, I normally would already be harvesting veggies. This year, I’m a little behind normal.


Hope you have enjoyed the tour of my little herb garden and the glance at the veggie garden.

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Today’s Lagniappe: Heavenly Angel Food Cake
Quick, easy and no baking! (Unless you want to bake your own angel food cake).

1 Angel Food Cake
1 Large package of vanilla pudding
2 Cups sliced strawberries or whole raspberries
1 Small can crushed pineapple
12 Oz. Cool Whip

Slice cake horizontally. Mix Cool Whip, dried pudding mix and drained pineapple together with mixer on low speed. Fill between layers and ice cake with it. Top with strawberries or raspberries.

12 Responses to “Southern Sunday Favorite”

  1. Ginger Says:

    When I start things from seed and they start to flower my very first thought is God is amazing.
    Thank-you for sharing your pretty herb garden with us. I love that saying on your planter also.

  2. debi b Says:

    First, that recipe sounds YUMMY!

    Second, beautiful herb garden! The Lord has shone on your yard this summer 🙂


  3. Lori E Says:

    I always have good intentions with starting seeds but I usually forget to water them or something and I have a tray full of little brown sticks.
    I like how neat and tidy your garden bed is. The mulch must be a big help with the water retention and keeping down the weeds.

  4. rcubes Says:

    Thanks for the tour! Everything looks so neat! Have a great weekend and God bless.

  5. Clif Says:

    Very interesting post. I agree with Ginger. God is amazing. I love your garden. Soldier on!

  6. Charlotte Says:

    I love your garden. We have some Rosemary in a large pot by the patio that has been growing there for several years. I had no idea it would be so hardy.
    I’m not good at growing things from seed. I think I’m too impatient. Thank you for sharing with us.
    The cake sounds wonderful. I love angel food.

  7. Lisa Says:

    What a lovely garden and post! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Denise Says:

    Such a fantastic post.

  9. Chari Says:

    Hi Christi…

    So very nice to see you for Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend! Ohhh…what a timely post! I have really wanted to start an herb garden and so just a few weeks ago…I started by planting chives in an indoor pot. They are up about 2 ins. but they are so fine…almost like hair! hehe! I’m wondering if I need to do something with them…or will they continue to grow and strengthen? I thought that if I were successful with the chives…I would try some other herbs. I have always wanted fresh herbs nearby to use in my recipes. Your herb garden looks fabulous!!! I’m so glad that I have someone that I can ask questions of now! Hehe! Mmmm…I can almost smell all those heavenly herbal scents…just looking at your photos!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post with us…sure is helpful and encouraging to me! I also want to thank you for posting my giveaway on your blog…I wish you the best with my “Celebration book giveaway”!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  10. Chari Says:

    Ooops…just lil’ ol’ me again.

    Was also wanting to ask…you have your herbs planted outside…so do they come back again each year? Living in Colorado and having such cold snowy winters…I didn’t think they would fair very well outside? Eeeekkks…told you I would have some questions! Hehe!


  11. Betty Eshenour Says:

    Ooh! that sounds so yummy! Will have to copy that recipe! I often make the famous ww pineapple angel food cake and everybody loves it and wants the reicpe. It’s so an angel food cake box mix and add a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple to the dry box mix. Make sure it is mixed well and bake in angel food pan. I would love to find a recipe for some type of pineapple sauce to serve with it. Anybody out there have such? You do not add anything else but the crushedd pineapple. Just bake it at temperature called for on the box. Have you ever tasted flavoted angel food cakes? We often go up to the Pa. Dutch Market on weekends and I buy their flavored angel food cakes. They usually have lemon, raspberry, strawberry and I think there are other flavors but it is slipping my mind now. The lady in the bakery told me that the lady who makes these uses a liquid flavoring in the batter.

  12. Betty Eshenour Says:

    Opps! I just read back over my last posting and found so many goof ups. I do know how to spell. The fingers must be getting tired! Does this website have a spell checker? Misspelled words are a pet pieve of mine!

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