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Okay, here it is. My first entry in Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. I set a table for Spring and you can find a lot of other inspirational pictures on Susan’s blog. Don’t miss her back porch transformation.

I have a little secret for setting my table. I can’t remember where I learned it but I use it every time I set my table. If you notice, all of the utinsels and main plates are aligned. The trick I use is to place the plates and utensil the distance between the tip of my thumb and the first knuckle from the edge of the table. This gives a polished, finished look to the table.

Now, I collect books on table settings and etiquette and absolutely love table settings. When I go to a restaurant that places all of the utensils on the same side of the plate the first thing I do is put them in their proper place so I feel comfortable.

I learned table setting from Mama. We always set the table for our evening meal with a placemat, knife, spoon, fork, plate, glass and napkin. I learned at an early age how to set them all in their proper places. On Sundays we would set the table with a tablecloth and nice china. That is another great thing my Mama taught me – use your good china. To this day, I never understand people who put their best china in a cabinet and never use it. So what if something gets broken? That is part of life and part of being a good hostess is taking things in stride and dealing with situations graciously.

The eggs in the crystal bowl are hand painted. I love them. Just before I snapped the pics, I went out to my redbud tree and cut off a few branches that I laid on either side of the crystal bowl. The ice storm damaged so many of our trees. I was really happy to get these.  So, here it is, this weeks tablescape:







Today’s Lagniappe: Green Salad with Chicken, Strawberries and Toasted Pecans

2 cups skinned and boned roasted chicken breast
1/4 cup pecans, toasted
2 cups hulled and quartered strawberries
1/4 cup finely diced red onion
1/4 cup finely diced celery
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 teaspoons olive oil
4 cups salad greens

Combine chicken, pecans, strawberries, onion, celery,  vinegar, and oil. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Serve over salad greens.






25 responses to “Southern Tablescape”

  1. Dream Mom Avatar

    Thanks for all of the tips! I like a proper setting as well. I love the idea of using china and a tablecloth on Sunday’s to make it more special. I wish I had someone to cook for since my son can no longer eat (disabled and uses a feeding tube).

    Your table looks just lovely.

  2. laurie Avatar

    Lovely tablescape. Your china and your stemware are so elegant, and the eggs look so pretty in that gorgeous bowl. Love the flowering limbs on the table. laurie

  3. Alisa Avatar

    Love the way you have used the redbuds or are those cherry blossoms? So pretty and springy. Your dishes and stemware are so lovely. I love classic white and gold. Happy Spring.

  4. LdyDy Avatar

    What a pretty tablescape! I loved the added touch of your little flowered branches. Have a great weekend!!

  5. Bloom Girls - Karyn Avatar

    Very Pretty Table! I love the eggs, they are beautiful! Thank you for your comments on blog! The dishes for my tablescape are made by Silvestri and were designed by Carol Eldridge. I bought them years ago but I have seen some of the pieces on They are a lot of fun and my 4 year old things they are great!

    Blessings to you and yours


  6. Kim Avatar

    Fabulous first tablescape post! Thanks for secret tip, but I’ll probably forget it by next week. I wish I was raised in the south, you all have such good manners & class.

  7. athella Avatar

    What a great idea bring those branches of spring blossoms in. Everything is beautiful. I love your china. ~Athella

  8. Cass Avatar

    Lovely table; it is so elegant and absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing, and also for your tip for getting perfect placement. Excellent!

    Best … Cass at That Old House

  9. Susan Avatar

    Beautiful table! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  10. Bo Avatar

    Thanks for visiting my tablescape today…wow, for your first time you did a fabulous job…I especially like the redbud branches mixed with the handpainted eggs…very pretty! 😉 Bo

  11. Christi Avatar


    The Windosors – now I know I can get a job on the royal table setting staff – ha ha!

  12. Janie G Avatar

    What a great tradition that you learned from your mother! I love your tablescape, I can just picture rows and rows of cherry blossoms down the street! I was watching a series on the Windsors and they were having a big party, and the staff uses a little trick like yours to set the table too.

  13. Maryrose Avatar

    Very pretty table. Thanks for the helpful hint. There will be no excuse for me you have a non aligned table now 😉 Salad sounds delicious and I hope to try it soon. I agree with you and your mama, don’t save it, use and enjoy it.
    Thanks for the peek

  14. Marty Avatar

    Such a gorgeous and elegant table setting. Everything is just stunning. I love the hand painted eggs, they are beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  15. Christi Avatar

    Hi Claudie, Actually those are pigs on top of the piano. They used to sit in the living room but I moved them to the piano when we had the Mardi Gras party. We got them in New Orleans. We saw them after we had brunch at Brennan’s and we thought they represented us well. I love them. I’ll get better pics of them to post sometime. – Christi

  16. Claudie Avatar

    Hello from Canada
    That’s what I like about you Southern Belles. You all know how to set a pretty table.
    Do I see ceramic bunnies on top of that piano?
    Happy TT & I love the finishing touch with the branches.
    Love Claudie

  17. Life with Kaishon Avatar

    Oh my! Your table is so pretty! I LOVE the branches and the buds. So beautiful! I also love that recipe. It is one of my favorite kinds of salad! Simply scrumptious! I am so glad I could meet you today. I love anyone that sets their table properly even at a restaurant!

  18. Kathy Avatar

    Hi Christi, Beautifully set table, you have such wonderful china, flat and glassware. the redbud looks lovely and the eggs are so pretty. Happy TT. Kathy

  19. Brenda Avatar

    What an elegant and lovely table. And the chicken salad sounds yummy, too!

  20. prof en retraite Avatar

    Lovely tablescape…and set properly! I, too, fix the utensils at a restaurant before eating. I think everyone should know how to set a table…it’s just so useful! Loved your lagniappe today…yummy sounding salad…Debbie

  21. Florida Sue Avatar

    I must remember that alignment rule. I love how you cut the branches for your table. It’s just so nice to have something from nature on the table. Yes I sure would love to have you over for a fresh mimosa anytime!

  22. ellen b Avatar

    Hi Christi! Your dishes are so elegant. Love the white and gold. I love the branches with the blossoms on the table. Sweet!

  23. Mama Avatar

    Christi, it’s beautiful! You know I do the same thing about rearanging the utensils on a table. I try to do this discreetly when I am at someone’s home though.
    I have been teaching Danielle how to set a table correctly and she loves it.

  24. Cathy Avatar

    Welcome to Tablescape Thursday. Your momma taught you very well! You set such a pretty table, those eggs are unique. I will use the tip about measuring with my thumb, it’s a good one. I hope to get to know you better, drop by when you have time. Have a wonderful day…Cathy

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